Association of Nigerian Dietitians


About Us

The Institute for Dietetics in Nigeria (IDN) is the professional platform for all Registered Dietitians in Nigeria. It is also the mentoring field of would-be Dietitians in Nigeria. The Institute coordinates the affairs of the Dietitians in Nigeria, regulates the training of Dietitians and conducts the professional examination towards the registration of Dietitians in the country. Besides, it regulates the practice of Dietetics profession in Nigeria by issuance of Annual practice License to only qualified and certified Dietitians in Nigeria.

The Institute for Dietetics in Nigeria was founded in 1970 where it was formerly known as “Nigerian Dietetics Association (NDA)”. The body existed as the sole professional body of Dietitians in Nigeria until 2008 when a member of the Association, Dr (Mrs) Chika Ndiokwelu, led a fragment of her members out of the Association to form a factional body known as DAN, consequent upon her defeat as the Presidential candidate of the body at the Association election that was held in Lagos, Nigeria.

The fractionalization of the body and effort made towards reconciling the factional part with the parent body led to the change of Association name from Nigerian Dietetics Association (NDA) to Association of Dietitians in Nigeria (ADN) at the instance of the National Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUAHP) which mediated between the two factions.

The refusal of the DAN factions which consists mainly of Dietitians from the Eastern part of Nigeria) from towing the path of reconciliation as midwifed by NUAHP and the surreptitious move of the DAN faction to carry out the registration of DAN with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) led to the change of Association name from Association of Dietitians in Nigeria ADN to Institute for Dietetics in Nigeria (IDN). The Institute is both registered with the Federal Ministry of Education and Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under Part A of CAMA Cap C20 (LFN) 2004.

As the Umbrella of all Professional Registered Dietitians: the Institute Organizes Annual Scientific Conferences and Training for her members. Membership of the Institute spans across the entire length and breadth of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Institute held her most recent 45th Scientific Conference and Annual General Meetings from 9th to 13th of November, 2016 in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, Bauchi, Bauchi State, before a Memorandum of understanding was signed by the Institute and DAN expected to bring about a true merging of the factional bodies into one body suggested to be called Association of Nigerian Dietitians (AND).


Board of Trustees

The Institute for Dietetics in Nigeria is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by our members. Our Trustees, headed by our President, collectively set the strategic direction of the institute, are responsible for the business of the Institute and oversee all of her activities.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is responsible for advising our Trustees on matters of policy, public relations, governance, spending and income-generation.

Executive Council

The National President of the Institute for Dietetics in Nigeria (before 2017), Prof Grace T. Fadupin, (the 1st Vice President of Association of Nigerian Dietitians) is based at the Department of Human Nutrition, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Ibadan, Nigeria. The National Secretariat is at the Dietetics Department, Federal Medical Center, Owo, Ondo State. The Secretariat is headed by the National Secretary, Association of Nigerian Dietitians, Tajudeen O. Ahmed, esq., (NRD). The address of the Public Relations Office of the Institute is at the School Services Department, Ministry of Education, Bauchi, Bauchi State. The alternate address is at the Rectors’ Office, PMB 420, Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, Bauchi State. The Publicity Secretariat is headed by Mr Akinola Lukman Olalekan, (RDN, RN, CTN). The Ex-officio of the Institute is Prof Elizabeth Chibuzor (FIDN), at the Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Maiduguri, Borno State. The Chairman Legal and Professional Body Committee is Mr Sam Yuwa (FIDN, FNSN), the Vice-President North, Nutrition Society of Nigeria. The Executive Council of the Institute manages the institute's day to day activities including communication with members and registrations of new members, and Public Relations. Other members of the Councils play roles specific to their offices and as the President directs.

Committees & Sections

International Affairs Committee

From its earliest years, the Institute for Dietetics in Nigeria through publications and other measures put in place for improved Dietetic practice in Nigeria, maintains her continental presence, and it continues to strive to extend its role around the world.

Publications and Membership Committee

The objective of the Publications and Membership Committee shall be to promote the advancement of scientific study of nutrition, diets and its application to the maintenance of acquired research in the Nigeria, and African community. The committee is also responsible for conducting Test of professional Competence for Applicants of Full membership of the Institute, where successful candidates are inducted into the Institute as Registered Dietitians of Nigeria during the Annual Scientific Conference and General Meetings of the Professionals.

Memorandum of Understanding / Unity Conference of Factional Bodies

  • The Institute for Dietetics in Nigeria (IDN) is a component of Association of Nigerian Dietitians (AND) fused with the Dietitians Association of Nigeria (DAN). The two factional bodies signed Memorandum of Understanding to come together and scheduled a Unity Conference to hold at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Nigeria, in year 2017. The joint agreements between the two factional bodies is for improved Dietetic Practice and speedy passage of Dietetics Council Bill at the National Assembly, and to achieve success in other matter of concerns in Dietetics.