Open Access to Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Guidelines for Treatment of Covid-19 Positive Patients

This is to announce that the Institute for Dietetics in Nigeria (aka Association of Nigerian Dietitians) has granted an open access to its MNT guidelines for the benefit of RDNs and upcoming dietitians in Nigeria and across the world. The MNT guidelines which has been on restricted access since May, 2020 is now officially made public to equip Dietitians and upcoming Dietitians who are at the front-line of healthcare delivery services and treatment of Covid-19 positive patients across the globe. The document is also published to provide useful guides on how to effectively treat both asymptomatic and symptomatic Covid-19 positive patients. The guidelines has been carefully reviewed to include instructions on how to treat Covid-19 patients who may be presented with underlining disease conditions that are known to cause complications in Covid-19 patients.

The MNT documents consists of a fourteen-point guidelines and twenty recommendations noted for use by Dietitians when treating different disease conditions and may may be used for treatment of known diseases post-Covid.

It is pertinent to inform members of the the public who may be accessing the MNT document that the guidelines provided therein are specifically designed to aid professionals in Clinical Nutrition and Diet Therapy. The document is not designed for use by non-professionals who may be unfamiliar with most of the the technical instructions noted in the MNT guidelines.

It is in view of this that members of the public are hereby admonished to seek intervention of professionals for management of their health and treatment of disease conditions. Members of the public are also advised not to risk their health by engaging in self-therapy which may result from reliance on MNT guidelines that is designed for use by professional Dietitians only.

The Institute will continue to make Public Health Nutrition prints and e-notes for the education of Nigerian Populace and the globe at large. Click here to access the MNT guidelines and follow us on our twitter handle to stay updated!


Akinola Lukman Olalekan

For Publicity Secretariat

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